Tea with AmberJoin Amber Chand, global entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and visionary coach, on this evocative journey into a world of story and reflection. Here you will be mesmerized by stories from her global journeys, inspired by the perennial wisdom she shares from her book, Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World, and nourished by her poignant reflections on navigating the uncertainty of our lives with resilience, courage, and vision. Amber has been described as a “woman of soul whose reflections are brimming with nuggets of insight to help us all on the journey of life”. So sit back, pour yourself a soothing cup of tea, and savor this open hearted journey.

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Tea with Amber

Musings on Joy As An Act of Resistance

Awakening to a riotous chorus of birdsong and a sun drenched morning, I reflect on the power of joy as an expression of life during this challenges and life devouring narrative of our times.  How to face fear with joy? These musings are the beginning of a journey I seek to take as I deepen […]

Tea with Amber

A New World: When the Messenger Arrives

Discover the remarkable journey behind the creation of my book Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World and why it is a perfect companion during these uncertain times. amberchand.com/dearbeloved

Tea with Amber

Let the Future Show You the Way

In my Visionary Coaching Program designed for my clients who are going through a time of deep transition, seeking to step into their new story - I introduce them to a powerful process called Future Self Dialogue.

Tea with Amber

Awakening From Our Collective Trance

As global leaders gather in Paris, I reflect on the treacherous precipice on which we stand - one which requires that we awaken from our collective trance and bravely step into the new collective story.

Tea with Amber

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

As much as we like our comfort zones, there is something liberating about stepping out them and sailing out of the safe harbors of our lives. You never know what you will find on the other side.

Tea with Amber

Coming Home to Ourselves

What does it feel like to home to ourselves? What are the questions we must ask if we are to embark on this unique, powerful journey?

Tea with Amber

The Power of Story

We live in our stories. Our stories can either embolden us or keep us captive. It is up to each of us to choose. Let us explore the power of story and how it impacts our lives.

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