Awakening From Our Collective Trance

Earth Heart in SpaceWe are all faced with an urgent call of our times:  to wake up from a trance – a collective trance – in which we have forgotten who we are, burying the true nature of our beings under the sands of time and passing millennia.

It is a forgetfulness that has cost us deeply, caught up as we are in the frenzy of myopic  thinking – a thinking that  limits and imprisons us and keeps us bound to short term goals and short term decisions. We have lost sight of our future.  Perhaps in our deepest psychosis, we don’t believe we have a future.

As I look out into the world with all its explosive challenges, its profound unraveling,  it is clear we have arrived at the tethered end of one evolutionary era – with its mindset of scarcity, fear, greed , control and self loathing.  We have all been wired into it, encoded to think that this was  the only way, the only collective story possible for humanity.

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The Terror of the Threshold

Visionary Journey TrailThere are times when we find ourselves standing at life’s threshold – that liminal place of  “no longer and not yet”.

Caught between two worlds, thresholds can be both terrifying and enlivening. They herald uncertainty. The terror of the unknown. We begin to experience the past – all that was once familiar and secure – unraveling like the threads of a worn tapestry.

The narrative of our past life is no longer entirely relevant and does not reflect the longing and ache that haunts us as we evolve and grow.  We become like the caterpillar that must transform into a butterfly – a poignant metaphor for these vulnerable times in our lives.

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