A New World: The Messenger Arrives

The creative journey behind writing my book, Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World, was a remarkable one, which began with a stirring, a whisper, a silent nudge.

A year ago, sitting under the shade of a wisteria tree, my sketchbook in hand in my ninety five year old mother’s English garden, I quietly began to draw simple mandala designs beckoned by their sacred geometry.  The process was unselfconscious.  I was not seeking perfection – my pen flowed, colors emerged, and I was lost in the quiet calm of a solitary summer afternoon.

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Let the Future Show You the Way

WomanIn my Visionary Coaching Program designed for my clients who are going through a time of deep transition, seeking to step into their new story –  I introduce them to a powerful process called Future Self Dialogue.

Here you are invited to step into a possible future, one that beckons you, as you claim your place in a world where you are not diminished but celebrated; where your gifts are shared and recognized; where you seek to live from an enlivened place that is essential to your well-being. A place where you come home to yourself.

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The Heroine’s Journey: Answering The Call of Sacred Theatre

MoonI awoke on the morning of January 1, 2013 — New Year’s Day — with what one might consider an unusual question. “What can I do to terrify myself this year?”

Within an hour of posing that question to myself, the phone rang.  A friend was inviting me to offer an evening talk on my work with women artisans around the world at a performing arts center nearby. I am used to giving these talks, the topic is familiar and comfortable. But what I said to my friend that morning took us both by surprise. “No. No more talks. No more speeches. I want to do a one-woman show. It will be called “The Heroine’s Journey: Tales of Love, Despair, Faith and Forgiveness.”

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed. “I had no idea you wanted to do a one woman show, Amber!”

“Neither did I,” I said, totally taken aback. “Neither did I.”

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