The Sacred Balance of Feminine and Masculine Principles in Business: One Woman’s Journey

This article appeared in Kosmos Magazine, Spring Issue 2011.

Kosmos Magazine sacred balance Amber ChandThe journey began with a dream.

In it I am running away from a burning city, clutching a candle, looking back, wanting to desperately return to what was once familiar, safe and comfortable. But I cannot. As I run, I come to the edge of a cliff. Too terrified to jump, I find myself gently pushed off by an unseen hand, spiraling slowly through the air and – in slow motion – land on a soft grassy knoll. A voice speaks to me from the depths of my awareness, “Amber, you have arrived in a new kingdom. Here, the rules are different. Here we live and breathe from a place of love. The old kingdom you came from burned from fear and greed.”

With that dream, I awoke to a new world.

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Answering The Call of Sacred Story Telling

Article Published in the Berkshire Edge, June 2015

I awoke on the morning of January 1, 2013 – New Year’s Day – with what one might consider an unusual question. “What can I do to terrify myself this year?”

Within an hour of that request, the phone rang.  A friend was inviting me to offer an evening talk on my work with women artisans around the world at a performing arts center nearby.  I am used to giving these talks, the topic is familiar and comfortable.  But what I said to my friend that morning took us both by surprise. “No. No more talks. No more speeches. I want to do a one woman show and it will be called, The Heroine’s Journey: Tales of Love, Despair, Faith and Forgiveness.”

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