Amber’s coaching sessions are a tapestry of intuition, inspiration, creativity, motivation and action. They are a wonderful balance of envisioning and actualizing. I arrive feeling excited and leave feeling empowered. My business is growing organically and with a strong foundation thanks to her gift of working with women entrepreneurs.
– Ashley A. Collins, Shrestha Healing Arts

Amber has helped me move past my self-defeating beliefs and doubts into a discovery of the dreams I have for my life and business. She brings disciplined, confident professionalism and experience to this work, mixed with warmth, inspiration and a deep faith in her client’s ability to realize their potential.
– Anni Crofut, Founder, Anni Maliki Design

“Amber’s work is brilliant and impeccable. Along with her 21st century marketing skills she brings integrity and concern. We recommend her work without reservation.”
– Nancy Roof, Publisher, Kosmos Magazine

“Amber Chand has distilled extraordinary insights into how our commitment to our most authentic vision and values as women, positively transforms our financial realities. I have never encountered anyone who weaves the practical and spiritual worlds together in such a revolutionary way!

So long relegated to being the harbinger of all bad things, Money is reclaimed and restored its rightful and beneficent place in the order of things. Under Amber’s keen and compassionate guidance, each woman is given the opportunity to re-create her relationship to money-and underpinning this- her true value in the world.

But it is precisely in how we value ourselves that Amber radically deviates from so much other talk about financial empowerment. Amber gave us the permission to completely shift the money paradigm itself, so that our businesses could be shaped by our unique feminine values and needs (so often in conflict with the “man’s-world” style of business). Right livelihood, joy, and our experiences as women- as mothers to all our creations- become in alignment with our business savvy and financial goals. From this new place, women entrepreneurs are not only able create the practical financial success they want, but to do so in a way that serves their deep integrity.

Our work in the world as entrepreneurs is a heroine’s journey, Amber says, and as such, a bold expression of our deepest desires as fully integrated women. I have personally found a reserve of inner courage that I had not previously had access to. I recommend her work to any woman entrepreneur!”  
– Pooja Rue, Founder and Artistic Director, RogueAngels Production

“Her insight and business acumen were just what I needed.”
– Roger Reed, Performance Artist

We recently had the pleasure of bringing Amber Chand to speak to a group of Mount Holyoke College faculty and staff. We were not only inspired by her personal story of courage in the face of overwhelming difficulties, but also learned about best practices in mentoring. Most importantly, we came away with a deeply personal vision for our own success to chart a course for the future. Amber’s powerful work on mentoring and personal visioning deepens our own work with students, and helps us to prepare them for success in academics and beyond.
– Janet Lansberry, Assistant Director, Weissman Center for Leadership, Mt Holyoke College

Amber’s demeanor, candidness and ability to assess where an entrepreneur is  and what they need to move forward is unparallelled and I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur either looking to start – or grow – their business. 
– Kari Litzmann, President of New York Women’s Social Entrepreneur Network and Co-Founder, Rubina

“I truly think it would have taken me months, maybe even years, of trial and error, possibly jeopardizing the success of my business, to accomplish on my own the essential work we did together in a few weeks. Well worth the investment!”
– Nadine Laughlin, Founder, Vision Hill Womens Health Integrative Center