The Visionary Journey: Creating Your Brave New Story offers a unique opportunity for women and girls to explore their heroine’s journey and discover a skillful path to navigate their lives and design their futures.

Stories are powerful. We are either emboldened or diminished by our stories. Even though we may be victimized by the story of our lives, it is more empowering to recognize that it is the meaning that we attribute to the circumstances – the story we tell about them – that will have greater impact on our lives and shape our destiny. We must choose. The question is what is the story we seek to tell about our lives and our unfolding futures? And how do we go about creating this brave, new story?

Without a clear vision of where we are going, it is easy to drift in a sea of anxiety and confusion. This is often compounded by a dread of the future and an inability to experience our lives as an enlivened expression of our authentic being. Lack of meaningful purpose often leads to stress, apathy and an enduring sense of hopelessness. We lose our way easily.

How do we design our future knowing that we  are responsible for our destiny and that we can shape our lives to joyfully reflect our gifts and talents, not as victims of our weary past but as creators of an inspiring, enlivening future? How do we live from a deeper sense of purpose and commitment? What does it mean to be authentic? How do we manifest our dreams in the world?

These are visionary questions that each of us must ask if we are ready to create a brave, new story and show up fully for our own heroine’s journey.

Here is what you will learn in this transformative retreat:

  1. Principles of Visionary Narrative and how you can gain clarity about your vision
  2. Ways to identify and meet resistances to the new story
  3. Reflective practices and life tools to support you on the journey
  4. Design of a Visionary Map and Strategic Action Steps to implement your Vision in the world

“We recently had the pleasure of bringing Amber Chand to speak to a group of Mount Holyoke College faculty and staff. We were not only inspired by her personal story of courage in the face of overwhelming difficulties, but also learned about best practices in mentoring. Most importantly, we came away with a deeply personal vision for our own success to chart a course for the future. Amber’s powerful work on mentoring and personal visioning deepens our own work with students, and helps us to prepare them for success in academics and beyond.
  – Janet Lansberry, Weissman Center for Leadership, Mt Holyoke College, Mass.



We can customize the retreat as a half-day or full day retreat.  It offers a perfect companion to Amber’s one woman show, Searching For The Moon, which can be performed the evening before the retreat. To learn more, please email Amber or call 413-822-0551