Today, we live in uncertain times.

A time where we may feel easily lost on our path – confused, scared and helpless. A time when we come to dread our future. When the anchors of our life – those safe havens – are no longer there to hold us and we find ourselves adrift.

But what if there is another way to meet these uncertain times?

What if there is a way to skillfully navigate the stormy seas armed with fearless imagination, powerful questions, and a new story that helps anchor us. What if the question becomes: how do I want to consciously move into this time?  What is mine to do?  What enlivened dream do I seek to live into in spite of the outer circumstances of my life?  What new story do I want to live into?

For some, times of uncertainty and transition create profound helplessness and anxiety. For others, uncertainty creates new possibilities, new opportunities.  The door is never closed. It is up to each of us to choose which path we will step upon.  Here lies our freedom. Here lies our open hearted and fearless courage.

The question is what path will you choose?

Beyond uncertainty is possibility.  This is the essence of the Visionary Journey Life Coaching Program™.


Are you a woman who finds herself vulnerable and adrift in a time of deep transition and who needs support in finding her way?

Are you a Creative Entrepreneur ready to take the next steps in bringing your unique purpose and passion into the world but need some new navigational tools?

Are you a Visionary who recognizes that you are mistress at the helm of your ship, responsible for your journey and willing to explore a re-imagined life that enlivens you and authentically reflects who you are seeking to become in your world?

Are you a Leader or an Aspiring Leader seeking to step into your future with fearless imagination, deep trust, open hearted courage and the willingness to show up for yourself – and others in your world –  in a bold, new and authentic way?


This is a transformational life coaching program that has been uniquely designed to support YOU in skillfully navigating the uncertainties of your life and fully living into your breathtaking new story.  Weaving together incisive business strategy, sacred and intuitive practices, mythic stories and innovative transformational tools, you will discover:

  • The three core questions you must ask in order to step into an enlivened, authentic future.
  • Why sometimes you must get lost in order to find your way.
  • Why “I matter” is one of the three key foundational principles for the new story.
  • How the mythic story of the Heroine’s Journey will support you in unraveling tired,  messages from your old story and assist you in claiming your bold, new story.
  • Why befriending the Guardians at the Gate – your inner allies and foes – will ease your way.
  • Why the Seven Lanterns – transformational tools of wellbeing – will guide your way if you are ready to consciously cultivate them.
  • How the design of your Visionary Map will give you a clear compass and a strategic sense of direction and purpose.
  • Why your future will now show you the way.


If you are someone experiencing a time of deep transition in your life – whether in your personal life or in your work – and seeking to live into a life that energizes, nourishes, and sustains your sense of wellbeing through your emerging future story,  then the Visionary Journey Life Coaching Program ™ is a perfect companion for you.

The program is designed to engage you in deep inquiry and reflection, offers you powerful, practical tools to explore your future and helps you design a strategic visionary map that becomes your call to action. You will engage in regular dialogue with Amber as she skillfully guides you in navigating this time of transition and works closely with you to design your new visionary narrative

You will leave clear and confident with practical, transformational life tools that will strongly support you in moving through this transitional time in your life into your next extraordinary chapter.


Amber is a master at helping you tap into your core values and your vision.

~ Suze F. Biologist.

Amber Chand has distilled extraordinary insights into how our commitment to our most authentic vision and values as women, positively transforms our financial realities. I have never encountered anyone who weaves the practical and spiritual worlds together in such a revolutionary way!

~ Pooja P. Performance Artist/Activist.

At a crossroads in my life and career, I turned to Amber for coaching. I did not anticipate the depth and richness of the journey or the profound impact it would have on me. I have come away with a strong sense of inner purpose and a joyful vision for my future life and work.  I am most grateful to have connected with this wise woman.

~ Karen C, RN, CMP.

For anyone experiencing a transition in life – or just confused about one’s identity, Amber is the key to unlocking it. I initially did six amazing sessions with Amber as part of her Visionary Coaching Program.  I was coming out of a twenty-two year marriage and felt quite wounded.  Amber helped me re-frame my experience into one that allowed me to meet up with my “future self” as well as purging myself in this period of stress and pain.

Amber has led me onto a new self – one of empowerment and a view that involves dignity, grace and love on the path I will now tread. I look forward to my next sessions with this gifted visionary coach.

~ Jodi R, Playwrite.



I would love to explore with you how the Visionary Coaching Program ™ will support you in stepping into your new, enlivened story.  Let’s have a conversation.

Contact Amber to schedule your 30 minute complimentary session – either by phone, Skype or in person.

Journey well.