The Terror of the Threshold

Visionary Journey TrailThere are times when we find ourselves standing at life’s threshold – that liminal place of  “no longer and not yet”.

Caught between two worlds, thresholds can be both terrifying and enlivening. They herald uncertainty. The terror of the unknown. We begin to experience the past – all that was once familiar and secure – unraveling like the threads of a worn tapestry.

The narrative of our past life is no longer entirely relevant and does not reflect the longing and ache that haunts us as we evolve and grow.  We become like the caterpillar that must transform into a butterfly – a poignant metaphor for these vulnerable times in our lives.

The riveting question becomes, are we brave enough to “die” to those parts of our old story that no longer sustain us? Can we allow ourselves to “deconstruct” the identity we have so carefully built around this past fictional autobiography  so that we may begin to glimpse our unfolding future, taste the freedom, even as we find ourselves anchorless and adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom”, says Anais Nin, the brilliant writer.

I have a friend who confessed that her identity is so built around the “angst” of her existence, the dark woundedness of her past, that the vision of stepping fully into her light, choosing it as she moves in the world, quite terrifies her. She doesn’t know who she will become without the dark captivity of her old story, as much as she wants to escape its chains. She worries about what this new world will look like. What will happen to her. Standing at her personal threshold gazing out into the horizons of her future, she feels both the terror and the exhilaration of this time.

“Trust the journey”, I say “let the butterfly – this tender symbol of enlivened possibility in you emerge and show you the way!”   This heroine’s  journey will require a spirit of fierce vulnerability and profound trust.

It is  a time of sacred initiation.  One that reminds us that when we are ready to step across the threshold of our lives, there will be two essential questions that will become our allies guiding our way, giving us the courage to take the next step, and the next, and the next.

They are:  What is my deepest longing, what is aching to come out of me and seeking to be expressed in my world?   and “What must I now release in order to step into this time of new possibility?

Standing at the threshold requires that  we are fearlessly – and often with great patience –  open to the answer. That we recognize that the journey is itself  our teacher. The journey is our entrusted guide.

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