A New World: The Messenger Arrives

The creative journey behind writing my book, Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World, was a remarkable one, which began with a stirring, a whisper, a silent nudge.

A year ago, sitting under the shade of a wisteria tree, my sketchbook in hand in my ninety five year old mother’s English garden, I quietly began to draw simple mandala designs beckoned by their sacred geometry.  The process was unselfconscious.  I was not seeking perfection – my pen flowed, colors emerged, and I was lost in the quiet calm of a solitary summer afternoon.

I continued this practice in the following days and then something remarkable happened.

After each mandala was completed, I would close my eyes and slip into quiet meditation.  It was out of this stillness, that certain messages – like silent wisps of ephemeral thought – began to arise, each a response to questions many of us have about the confusion and uncertainty of our times.  Spilling onto the pages as if guided by an invisible hand, they were like pure drops of rain – clear, gentle and wise.

Like lanterns on a new path, these images and messages touched me deeply, reminding me that even in the midst of the profound challenges we all face in our world, it is the inner spirit of resilience, courage, vulnerability and vision that will help us navigate through these turbulent times.

I had to learn this lesson early in my life.  As an Indian child, born into the sheltered world of privilege in the warm tropics of Uganda, I was lovingly nurtured by my mother and father and given the foundations of a generous and happy life.  But by the time I was in my early twenties, this once secure world came to a terrifying end under the cruel and tyrannical dictatorship of Idi Amin Dada, who expelled all Indians out of his country, giving us only ninety days to leave before we would be shot on sight.

In an instant, my world crumbled and I lost everything. Our bank accounts were frozen, our beautiful home was confiscated, and my father soon died of a broken heart.  I had become an impoverished refugee, a global nomad, a woman without a home. Standing in the rubble of personal despair, I sought desperately to answer one question:  what will become of me now?

This poignant question is for many at the heart of our deepest yearnings and fears today. What will become of us now?  If, we have lost our way, how will we find it?

In the second part of this book, I invite you to explore your own journey as you read the affirmations, design and color your own mandala circles and reflect more deeply on your own journey.

In the end this book is a call to love, to remembering who you are, to coming home to yourself.

Be brave.

To learn more: visit amberchand.com/dearbeloved

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