OCTOBER 31-NOVEMBER 12, 2017


Step into an evocative world, an Aladdin’s cave of surprises, as you journey into the desert kingdom of  Rajasthan, India 

Imagine gazing at the setting sun from a rooftop pavilion at a lake palace; driving through the Thar Desert past villages, camel caravans, ancient fortresses; sipping tea at the Exotic Marigold Hotel (yes the one from the movie), staying in a traditional Rajasthani village, wandering the bazaars of the “blue city”, driving into the desert on a jeep safari, meditating in a magnificent Jain temple with its carved pillars.

                                                                  This journey is a feast for your imagination


India mesmerizes. India enchants. India shocks, soothes and delights. India is a paradox.

Indian WomenThis 12 day journey has been uniquely designed for the soulful adventurer who has dreamed of going to India but as yet has not found the perfect trip.

As you will see from our itinerary you will be shown the myriad faces of Mother India and Rajasthan, the Land of the Great Kingdom – from her palaces to her shepherd villages, from her Mughal opulence to her traditional village simplicity – there is something for everyone on this journey.

Safety and a well designed itinerary are important.  Throughout the experience,  you will be escorted by a professional guide from Ekno Tours, an Australian based travel company with whom I have partnered and who have made sure that you are well looked after and that your journey is comfortable and safe, with all your basic needs met.

All the places you will be staying at have been carefully selected – whether at a  “haveli” or nobleman’s house, the Exotic Marigold Hotel itself, or a traditional Rajasthani village as part of a short homestay.  Indian hospitality is well known. If you love north indian cuisine, then you will be in culinary heaven here.  A soulful journey asks that we weave in times for deep reflection and connection – so we can sketch, write, meditate, engage in lively conversation with one another, have a massage, whilst also experiencing an evocative world of ancient temples, lake palaces, desert villages.

This is a world that lies at the edges of your dreams; a world that offers a rich tapestry woven out of threads of deep and ancient roots; a world that beckons you into the arms of the unexpected.

John O’Donoghue, the Irish poet says:  “I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding”.

This journey promises many surprises for you – it will be a feast for your imagination, a vivid palette for the traveller’s delight.  A once in a lifetime experience.

Join me.



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India Cityscape