Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World

Written by Amber Chand

Let this inspirational book of heartfelt wisdom ease your journey as you meet the challenges of our times. These messages are gentle, clear and wise – like raindrops on a parched desert. Keep them by your bedside.

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About The Author

Amber’s mission is to inspire, support and encourage people to live from a place of enlivened authenticity and fearless imagination especially as we face the potent challenges of our world today.

She is an inspirational speaker and gifted storyteller who has taken the triumphs and defeats of her life journey – including fleeing from Uganda as a refugee under the cruel dictatorship of Idi Amin Dada - and transformed them into an acclaimed one woman show, Searching For The Moon: A Heroine’s Journey, Tales of Love, Despair, Faith and Forgiveness. Keenly aware of what is required to skillfully navigate through times of profound uncertainty, she today offers uniquely designed life coaching programs and retreats to her international clients.

Amber’s work over the past two decades as a global entrepreneur supporting women in vulnerable regions of the world rebuild their lives has been widely recognized in a variety of international media including Marie Claire Magazine who published her Rwanda Journals and Inc. Magazine who featured her as Entrepreneur of the Month.

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The Book, Dear Beloved: Sacred Messages to the World is now available for purchase through our online partners.

Dear Beloved


The book comes from Amber Chand's personal experience with two challenging questions: "What will become of us now? How we will find our way?" If you recognize those questions as your own, I urge you to use this book as a candle in the dark to help you find your way.

- Parker J. Palmer, Author of Healing the Heart of Democracy, Let Your Life Speak

As a global nomad, Amber is a perfect messenger for these times with her words of courage, resilience, and hope.

-Gail Straub, Activist, Author and Co-founder Empowerment Institute

Amber Chand is a woman of the soul. Her reflections are brimming with nuggets of insight to help all of us on the purpose journey.

- Richard Leider, International Bestselling Author of the Power of Purpose

Aesthetically beautiful, this little book will answer many of your unanswered questions in these uncertain times.

- Nancy Roof, PhD, Editor in Chief of Kosmos Journal