Awakening From Our Collective Trance

Earth Heart in SpaceWe are all faced with an urgent call of our times:  to wake up from a trance – a collective trance – in which we have forgotten who we are, burying the true nature of our beings under the sands of time and passing millennia.

It is a forgetfulness that has cost us deeply, caught up as we are in the frenzy of myopic  thinking – a thinking that  limits and imprisons us and keeps us bound to short term goals and short term decisions. We have lost sight of our future.  Perhaps in our deepest psychosis, we don’t believe we have a future.

As I look out into the world with all its explosive challenges, its profound unraveling,  it is clear we have arrived at the tethered end of one evolutionary era – with its mindset of scarcity, fear, greed , control and self loathing.  We have all been wired into it, encoded to think that this was  the only way, the only collective story possible for humanity.

And yet, the cry of our planet, our Mother Earth is loud and clear:  Awaken or die.

This sobering thought is reflected in the perfect metaphor for our times:   like the caterpillar we must dissolve into a stew of liminal possibility and die to the old story.  The caterpillar was never meant to remain stagnant.  Nor were we.

The call for each of us to transform, grow, evolve and soar as the butterfly  is much too powerful to ignore.  But here’s the thing:   it is up to each of  us  to heed this call.  There is no shining knight coming to rescue us, no God sitting on a heavenly throne that will abdicate us, no external force that will reprieve us.  We must choose our destiny.

Herein lies  our greatest freedom.  And our greatest responsibility.  The alternative is not bright. For if we  choose to abdicate responsibility,  clinging to who we think  we are, we will continue to be mired in struggle and deep self loathing.  We will dissolve and die in our own toxic, stagnant pool of inertia.

It is our choice.

We all stand on the precipice of uncertainty.   And yet, can we not imagine that beyond uncertainty is possibility?  Can we not choose – willingly – to let go of the constructs of the old story with its  fear based, life devouring identity? Can we not find the courage to step across this terrifying threshold and design a new collective story – one based on creativity, love and a profound connection to the life force that we all are.

Can we really ignore this?

A new year is beckoning.  And with it, a spirit of possibility.  How will we step into this new story?  How are we called to serve?  What dreams and visions are aching to emerge in each of us?  How do we begin to see with new eyes, rubbing away the sleep of illusion with its false reality :  that we are in control, that we are separate from one another and from all living beings in our world.

As Arundhati Roy, the gifted Indian writer,  remarks, ” A new world is not only possible.  She is on her way.  On a quiet day I can hear her breathe”.

Let us be brave. Let us step into our future with fearless imagination  and discover ways to awaken from this collective trance.  Together,  in this spirit of our shared, most precious humanity, let us  listen to the breath of this new world.  For she is on her way.

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