SEARCHING FOR THE MOON: A Heroine’s Journey-Tales of Love, Despair, Faith and Forgiveness

A One-Woman Show, Written and Performed by Amber Chand

One of the Best Shows of its Genre performed in the Berkshires in 2013
-The Berkshire Eagle Newspaper

riveting, transformative,  powerful”

Global entrepreneur and visionary storyteller Amber Chand weaves together the events of her life — an eclectic tapestry of Indian arranged marriages, English boarding schools, military coups in Uganda, encounters with Rwandan genocide survivors, and the rise and fall of her multi-million dollar company — in her acclaimed one-woman show, Searching for the Moon: A Heroine’s Journey.

Presented through the lens of a global woman as she awakens and claims her authentic place in the world, the show taps into universal themes in which we are all heroes and heroines on the unfolding journeys of our lives.

Amber’s journey is one of redemption; it is a journey that highlights the power of love and faith and uncovers the hidden gifts of forgiveness and despair, reminding us that as we each embark on our unfolding journey, we are all deeply connected. Her vulnerability and honesty opens the hearts of audiences and encourages us all to forgive and let go of our past — to trust our voices, relinquish our deep rooted sense of invisibility, and summon the courage that is within each of us to be seen and heard.

Searching for the Moon: A Heroine’s Journey is a 90-minute performance with a brief intermission.

To book the performance for your college, school or theatre, please email Amber or call 413-822-0551.