As a global woman who has launched several successful, purpose driven companies – each with a mission to empower women artisan entrepreneurs in impoverished, war torn regions of the world – Amber brings a refreshing perspective to the myriad guises of leadership as a path to authenticity and grace.

Her pivotal question is this: when do we lose our way as leaders? And when do we find our way as leaders?

Selecting poignant vignettes from her acclaimed one woman show, Searching For The Moon: One Woman’s Journey Into Awakening, she offers her audience a glimpse into the myriad pathways of leadership. These include–through the brutal gaze of the tyrannical Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin–the misguided aspirations of her first visionary company that rose like a meteor and collapsed after seven years; and through the voice of fearless resilience as it rises up in a widow, a Rwandan genocide survivor. Each story offers a testament to the ways that leaders can so easily lose and find their way and the lessons learned through her global journey.

Amber is a gifted storyteller who mesmerizes her audiences with her presentations using the art of storytelling as a way to reflect on leadership in our organizations. She remarks:

We live in our stories. Our stories can either embolden or diminish us, liberate us or keep us captive. It is up to us to choose. The question is, what is the story of your leadership; who are you as a leader. Great leaders do not set out to be great. They set out to make a difference. They are fearless. They are committed. They care.

She has most recently presented at the Global Institute for Leadership Development Summit (GILD, October 2015, in Palm Springs, California. Audiences have described Amber’s presentations as “inspirational” “powerful” and “life changing”.