Amber at Business Council for PeaceAmber Chand is a global woman with a mission to inspire, support and encourage leaders to live from a place of enlivened authenticity and fearless imagination, especially as we face the potent challenges of our world today.
She mesmerizes her audiences with her eloquent skills as a gifted storyteller and her ability to speak about leadership using the power of evocative storytelling. Her presentations have been described as “riveting”, “life changing”, “inspirational.”

Today, she is recognized as a visionary voice for our times. She is an inspirational keynote speaker, gifted storyteller, and an insightful visionary leadership coach. She leads visionary retreats in stunning settings in our world (including the cloud forest in Nicaragua and the foothills of the Himalayas in India).

Her work over the past 3 decades as a global entrepreneur supporting thousands of artisan entrepreneurs living in vulnerable regions of the world, has been widely recognized through national media (including CNN, New York Times, Boston Globe, Herald Tribune, INC. Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Ms. Magazine).

Amber is herself a refugee who was born in Uganda of Indian parents and fled the country during the terrifying reign of tyrannical dictator, Idi Amin, in 1972.

In her keynotes, she asks:” What happens to you when you have lost everything? Or awaken to the news that your home has been destroyed or that you have only 90 days to leave your country or you will be shot on sight? How do you awaken to a new day?”

Amber has transformed this question into an exploration of authentic leadership – and what it means for leaders to lose ones way and find ones way. She guides her audiences into a powerful narrative that showcases the myriad styles of leadership in her life, whether through the brutal gaze of an African dictator, the misguided aspirations of her multi-million dollar company, or the voice of fearless resilience as it arises in a widow from the Rwandan genocide who created a remarkable path to reconciliation. Each a testament to the ways we can lose – and find – our way as leaders.

She has participated in The Wise Women Council at the World Bank, is a founding member of the Business Council for Peace, and today sits on the leadership advisory boards of the World Purpose Forum, Kosmos Magazine, Prosperity Candle, the Women’s Peace Collection, and the Women’s Collaborative for Creativity and Leadership.