Amber’s performance was as captivating and powerful as her life story itself. At times funny, at others stark and brutal, her story is told expertly in an intimate and inclusive style as ancient and effective as the griot in Africa and the Homeric storytellers of Greece. Her tale of exotic places, cultural difference, success and reversals in family fortunes and, ultimately, of self-actuation and the simple joy of living well is deeply affecting. As Vyasa says at the beginning of the Indian epic, the Mahabharata “If you listen carefully, at the end you’ll be someone else.

– David Young, Director of Alumna Relations, Ashford School, England.

Amber’s talk is authentically spoken both from deep reflection and even deeper personal experience…one of the most moving messages that I have heard in quite some time.

– Richard Leider, Bestselling author of the Power of Purpose

I was riveted the entire show and felt speechless after. I loved it.

– Ted Barber. Co Founder. Prosperity Candle

Amber Chand is, quite simply, a very special person with a courageous background told through a dazzling one-woman show. Though it was a public event, Amber seemed to touch the audience in deeply personal ways. Her universal message of love and forgiveness, of self and others, seemed to inspire so many of us to take individual action, from starting a meditation practice, to reconnecting with long lost relatives, to recommitting to personal, academic, and professional goals. For so many, Amber Chand was a life-changing experience.

– Janet Lansberry, Associate Director of Weissman Center for Leadership, Mount Holyoke College

My husband and I saw Amber’s show Friday night and were blown away by it! It’s moving, beautifully written, funny and basically just wonderful! I HIGHLY recommend you all see it if you can.

Amber, your show was awe-inspiring, moving, beautiful and touching. You are truly talented and beautiful….thanks for sharing it with all of us. I recommend EVERYONE see this wonderful show!!!!!

Thank you for reawakening the art of story telling. There are never too many stories of love and forgiveness.

Inspired and Delighted. A second time. Congratulations, Amber, on this very meaningful offering of your solo show. So happy to be amongst the sold out crowd tonight! You are indeed a beacon of light and inspiration.

Kristen Van Gindhoven, Director of WAM Theatre

Sold out show! I was so happy to hear your story, see your joy, feel your inspiration…Memorable.

We attended last night’s powerful awe inspiring performance! Bravo Amber! You allowed us into your journey, captured our hearts, made us think. The show was so beautiful, poignant, vulnerable, real, a gift not to be missed! Thank you!

I was so privileged to attend The Heroine’s Journey on Friday night. Wow! You are an unbelievable storyteller; I was so moved by your stories, and really taken with the idea that you decided to do this in your 6th decade. Gorgeous, generous, sometimes frightening, always moving. You are an unstoppable force for good!

P.S. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t get to you to tell you this in person after the show. You were mobbed!

I was so thrilled to be at your event. It really made me see your talent and incredible skill at performance and sharing with such an authentic, deep pithy, moving presence. As I watched your show I was transported from laughter to tears.

Congratulations, Amber. What an amazing story you have, and what courage to shape and present it in this form. Your presence on stage felt so natural; your pacing and delivery, your movement and tone, really added to the power of the story itself. It’s easy to get lost in your amazing story and forget about the artistic aspects, but you have a lot going for you in both areas. I am so glad I came. I feel nourished and buoyed by your passion and resilience Amber, it’s fitting that your performance was so near the solstice! Your story and presence were so full of light, and ignited all who were present. Thank you for sharing your journey and bringing us with you in such a spellbinding way

What an extraordinary gift you have given us all… such profound reflections on the lessons of your life, the situations in our complicated world, the potential to live our most profound understanding. You did an amazing job weaving so much together, giving of your talent and your heart, pulling at each of us to live our journey in the highest way we can, all without preaching.

The brilliance of Amber Chand; yet another powerful story teller in the Berkshire. A fascinating production with tremendous life lessons. It is a must see; The Heroine’s journey must continue.

Brava Amber! Heroine’s Journey was deeply satisfying and healing. The sold-out house and standing ovation well-deserved.

DO NOT MISS AMBER if she ever does this again! Power, vulnerability, brilliance as her gift to the world!

What an incredible accomplishment, just incredible!

I was moved, entertained, educated, transfixed, transported and completely enjoyed your storytelling. For an ‘amateur’ you did a terrific job! The set was gorgeous-was that all you? The music choices were lovely. The choices you made in how to lay in out and the stories you told were just great. I am very impressed with the material-it is not easy to write performable material and you did that. Nick and I both agreed that you have really wonderful instincts, a great stage presence and such charisma. Peter Brook talks about ‘acid moments’- moments from shows that will stick with a person long after seeing the show. There were lots of acid moments that I know will stick with me from your show. Thank you.

I was very moved when you stood there and admitted to being vulnerable. Only someone with a British sensibility could say that without bursting into tears!!! Over the next few days, as you process the event and your accomplishment I hope you will feel an enormous sense of pride. It is an incredible feat to put on a solo show and you did it!! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

Bask in your success!

You have rocked our world big time

Was blown away by your bravery and engaging performance last night.

We were all touched, moved and inspired by you, Amber. So beautifully done. Last night was such an exceptional event. I have long known you are a very special woman, but you have taken it to another level. Your star is shining so brightly – we are all warmed by its glow.

You have made a huge contribution to our community. You gave us a history, a deep history – so beautifully thought through, and so, so naturally delivered on stage which is, clearly, a natural place for you to be. I loved it, grinned much of the time, fascinated much of the time, and the ending (last 15 mins) was utterly perfect. What an ear you have for telling a good, no great story.The impression you left us with keeps coming up in my mind and heart when I think of you. Your effort, stamina, creativity, loving finesse, WRITING just superb. Amber, you did yourself (and all of us!) PROUD! My takeaway message from your heartbreaking/funny/ beautiful sharing of your life story is that we all need to really process the experiences we are given to see how we can grow from them, not retreat because of them. You are an inspiration!

Congratulations to Amber Chand, who performed a moving, entertaining and educating solo show tonight. She took her full house through her Heroine’s Journey with her unique grace and the aplomb of an experienced pro. Hard to believe she has never done this before and decided to do it six months ago because she wanted to do something that terrified her! Amber, it was so wonderful and so moving. You were delightful. I told my drumming group about the piece and they were so impressed. Will you ever do it again?

Congratulations, I was so moved.

That was a gripping story and a fantastic performance, Thank you.

BRAVA, BRAVA……… You are gifted in so many ways.

I was moved by how you have moved through your life with such grace and reverance. I am blessed to know you.

What a fabulous show Amber. Thank you so much. I could not stop crying when you were left at boarding school! I know the feeling…….I was five when I went to boarding school, Notre Dame Convent. I found so much resonance in everything you said. What a great performance! You were absolutely fantastic. Makes me wonder about acting school, what a waste of money!! You either have talent or not!! And you do!! And your voice!! I did not know you could sing!! Amber you are a tour de force……… should take this show on the road! There is so much to it, I can not think of anyone who would not enjoy every second of it. Well done, Amber!

Thank you again and again.

Amber my dear, I attended your One Woman show last night. You brought me to tears. It was exceptionally poignant. You were brilliant! Through your story I have gotten to know you better and love you even more than I did before!. If DVDs will be available I’m most interested in purchasing two.

Please offer an encore performance.

Tremendous performance. Thank you.

Loved it! Loved the looks on the faces of those sitting near me. Loved the possibilities that seeped into my mind as I thought of all the different sorts of audiences who could benefit by seeing this – and by engaging with it and you in associated workshops. You are awesome beyond words, Lady Amber. What a beautiful evening you created for us all.

Ditto on the idea of taking it on the road! Where next???

Take it on the road!! Barrington Stage should have first choice!!”

Amazing, Marvelous, Profound, Delightful. That’d be what I’d have told you last night This morning I’d have to add… beautiful, professional, impressive, inspiring, yummy, intriguing…congrats and what’s next?

I thought of you when I read this quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.”

Seldom have I witnessed a piece of theater so enjoyable! Amber takes us on a ride through the major experiences of her life from a small girl in a traditional Indian family in Uganda and through all the changes she went through into big business activity in America and what she has learned along the way. I wanted to find a way to go back and live it all with her. It warmed my body as well as my heart.