Amber’s mission is to inspire, support and encourage people to live from a place of enlivened authenticity and fearless imagination, especially as we face the potent challenges of our world today.

She has been recognized as a visionary voice for our times through her work today as a Visionary Coach, an entrusted Guide on transformational retreats she leads around the world and as a gifted storyteller through the performance of her one-woman show and the keynote speeches she delivers.

Her work over the past 2 decades as a global entrepreneur supporting thousands of artisans living in vulnerable regions of the world create a dignified livelihood for themselves and their families has been widely recognized through national media (including CNN, New York Times, Boston Globe, Herald Tribune, INC. Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Ms. Magazine).

Her journey is one of courage and vulnerability, and highlights the power of love and faith as each of us embarks on our unfolding journey, honoring the fact that we are all deeply connected.

As a refugee from Uganda, who lost everything during the terrifying reign of tyrannical dictator, Idi Amin in 1972, she highlights the power of love and faith and uncovers the hidden gifts of forgiveness and despair. She encourages us to trust our unique vision and voices and summon the courage that is within each of us to be seen and heard.

She says:

Today, we all stand on the precipice of uncertainty. And yet, can we not imagine that beyond uncertainty is possibility? Can we not choose to let go of the constructs of the old story with its  fear based, life devouring identity? Can we not find the courage to step across this terrifying threshold and design a new collective story – one based on creativity, love and a profound connection to the life force that we all are. This is the challenge – and the invitation – of our times.

She lives in the bucolic Berkshire hills, Western Massachusetts. To contact Amber, please send an email.